Meet The Missionaries We Support

Gary & Jamie Linn

Gary and Jaimee are new (yet veteran) PenFlorida missionaries.  As we begin our first itineration as a couple, we’d like to request an opportunity to be with you for a service, missions window, or other meeting. We’d also love to do a presentation in your Children’s Church too.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Here’s some info to help you get to know us a bit more: 

I’m (Jaimee) an MK from the Philippines & a Children’s Ministry graduate from CFNI & SAGU.  I’ve served as a missionary with AGWM in Thailand since 2007, first as a Missionary Associate (MA), then as a PenFlorida World Missionary since June 2013.

Many of you have heard the story of God’s very specific call to me in 1998 to Thailand & that ‘from there’ He would use me ‘to reach the children of the world.’ God began fulfilling that call over the past 16 years as I served as the Children’s Pastor at two international churches (ICs) in Bangkok that were made up of families from over 40 nations.

In 2019, I began receiving invitations to provide Children’s Ministry consultation & training for other ICs across the Asia Pacific region.  More ministry travel in the region was in the works when 2020 hit, but God was still working out His plan for by this time I had also begun serving as Children’s Pastor of an IC started by the Mother church of the Thailand Assemblies of God.

I also serve as a member of the Core Team that conducts the Ministry to Children Asia Pacific (MCAP). MCAP is an intensive training for national Christian Education Directors and key leaders doing Children’s Ministry in Asia Pacific. Those who are trained in turn train others in their nations. Over the past 6 years we have trained over 900 workers from 25 nations!  The next training is in May 2023 in Baguio, Philippines.

In 2022 I returned to FL for my next itineration. One very unexpected blessing of last year was a God-arranged connection I made last spring with a pastor near Jacksonville, Florida.  It was a connection I didn’t see coming, but God did! This past August I changed my name to Mrs. Gary Linn!

I (Gary), like Jaimee, was called into CM as a teen & then graduated from SEU.  Over the years I’ve served as a Children’s Pastor, kid’s camp evangelist, ministry trainer & curriculum developer for the US & Canadian Assemblies of God, as well as Charisma Life. During that time, the children’s ministry resources I made were available on my website, Children’s Ministry Today, & used in over 40 nations (See a similarity here?)!

NOW, we’ve been approved to serve with International Ministries (IM) a division of AGWM. We will be working with the newly formed team to launch NexGen.International to develop training & resources for Children’s & Family Ministry across the globe.

Jaimee is a founding member of the Core Team for Ministry to Children Asia Pacific(MCAP). In May we’ll be speaking at the MCAP Training Conference! It’s held at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS) & brings together national KidMin leaders from across the region. Those that attend return to their home nations to train others. We really value your prayers for the conference & the ministry we will have there in Baguio, Philippines!