Meet The Missionaries We Support

Anthony & Victoria Santiago

Ruth & Maya

Anthony & Victoria had a non-traditional, arranged marriage (a longer story that we’d love to share with you!). From the beginning of our marriage, we lived in Brussels, Belgium where we studied at the Continental Theological Seminary and KU Leuven. While studying, Anthony worked on staff at an International Church and Victoria worked for a consulting company.

Amid our studies and work, Victoria gave birth to our girls, Ruth, and Maya. Our Belgian babies are now 2&3 and are enjoying life to the fullest. After finishing our bachelors and masters in Brussels, we sensed the call to move to Alicante, Spain to plant the International Church of Alicante. In this church, our aim is to provide biblical teaching, a space for worship, and an international community of faith. Our task in this new church is to follow the indigenous church principles so that the International Church of Alicante is: