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Day 3: How Do We Fast for 21 Days?

Perhaps your first day felt spiritually amazing and you were pumped with intentionality. Yet, after a few days, the excitement wears off. The first three days of a fast can be the hardest. Your body is adjusting and may show symptoms of headache or nausea. But remember, prayer and fasting express that we’re not bound by natural circumstances to be more like Christ.

While prayer and fasting should be approached from a spiritual mindset, they must be applied with practical wisdom. There are three types of fasts: partial, normal, and absolute. Regardless of your preferred fast, honor your commitment. When breaking the fast, choose foods that are easy to digest and helpful in re-assimilating your system to regular eating patterns. Factor in your daily routine but consider matching the intensity of the fast to your lifestyle. Fast out of a conviction from the Holy Spirit. Be sensitive to God’s guidance, even if it doesn’t seem feasible. Trust that His grace and strength is sufficient for your fast.

Realistically, your emotional journey may be as confronting as your hunger. Your environment may not be conducive; people may question your motives. Simultaneously, you may experience life-altering revelations, emotional swings, and overwhelming senses of God’s love. The variables go on. But most importantly, prayer needs to dominate your practice because prayer is the crucial power against ungodly strongholds. Through commitment, you’ll sense greater nourishment from spiritual fullness. Don’t miss the point; be deliberate with God’s invitation to encounter Him.

Prayer and fasting are the nuclear bomb of spiritual breakthrough. Even with our own goals, God can surprise this season with His agenda. Don’t fast to change God; fast to be changed. Be open to what God highlights, promotes, and takes away. When you’re oiled with a sensitive spirit, things of the world will become less important. You’re spiritually postured to confront complex challenges, self-made idols, and insecurities. As you position yourself for righteousness, you’ll be able to hear God in the whispers. Despite the discomfort, press through the physical detox with practical wisdom. You’re at the start of an incredible spiritual journey.

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