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Day 5: How Do We Engage With God During Our Fast?

Our ultimate desire from this season is to have a deeper relationship with God. While we rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance, there are practical ways to intentionally position ourselves to engage with God.

One way is to reflect on how you’ve approached God in the past, then consider how you can engage with Him differently during prayer and fasting. This is an opportunity to discover more of your relationship with Jesus. Think about your context in this season; have you placed yourself in the right space to receive something new in your life?

Spiritual breakthrough occurs beyond our natural understanding, trusting that Christ has the best for us. Are there areas of trust that require growth? Prayer can be a communicative process that raises questions and listens for His answers. As the sheep know their shepherd’s voice, yearn to unlock the presence of His supernatural voice in your life.

Take advantage of time to enrich your study of God’s Word. As you’re pressing in for a fresh encounter with Christ, your spirit can benefit from new reading habits! Start a new Bible plan; integrate a supplementary resource. Question the text, “What is God’s heart in this passage?” Journal to stimulate your spiritual imagination.

You may exhaust your words toward the end of a long prayer session. This is when speaking in tongues can continue to build your faith. If you don’t speak yet but desire so, ask God for the language of tongues and a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit. Practice every day, and it’ll come more naturally.

While fasting is a private act, stay motivated by connecting with community. As iron sharpens iron, build up each other by sharing God’s work in your life. God uses our day-to-day conversations to speak to us. When addressing personal struggles, it’s likely that someone else has encountered similar challenges. Take the power out of strongholds by bringing it into the light and keeping each other accountable. If you’re fasting with your family, create an intentional time to share needs and pray together. Then quite importantly, minimize distractions to increase your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

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