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Day 7: What Attitudes and Motives Should We Have During Fasting?

Your heart attitude really does matter. You could be doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Prayer and fasting are private disciplines that bring public reward. In the Scriptures, Jesus emphasized fasting as a private journey. But there isn’t a badge of honor for how much you suffer during your prayer and fasting season. When we’re motivated by the public’s perception, we undermine the spiritual reward. As God honors the pure in heart, this is the perfect season for an attitude check.

Value the process in your secret place. As Daniel prayed and fasted, no one saw his relentless commitment, but the angel of God was fighting for him during what seemed to be the silent moments. It was his secret perseverance that led to his breakthrough.

Humility in prayer cancels your self-dependence in fasting. A lack of personal prayer is actually a form of pride. Despite the well-intended excuses, the underlying attitude is that we’re self-sufficient without God. While prayer and fasting are physically demanding, avoid the temptation to be self-absorbed in your journey, feelings, struggles, and personal prayer requests. Don’t wait until a crisis comes to humble yourself and seek God through prayer.

God is the best source of guidance in becoming more like Him. Invite God into your hidden places to search your heart. Allow Him to influence your motivations and attitudes toward prayer and fasting. There may be moments where God nudges you to bring a repentant heart to purify your motives. This is also an internal process. Not everything that God reveals to you in private should be immediately announced. Some good things that God impressed upon your heart require time to develop. If you take care of the shadows in your life, God will take care of the spotlight.

Heart attitudes are important beyond the context of prayer and fasting. Aim to form prayer habits that will sustain well beyond this season. Keep a humble heart that is dependent upon God. Let Him influence your motives by inviting Him into your secret place.

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