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Luke 4:1-14

Day 12: Stories of Breakthrough From a Seasoned Pastor

Reading stories from those who’ve had years of fasting experiences can encourage our faith. Dr. Allan Meyer’s intercession through fasting ushered in Dr. Mike Grechko’s salvation, and subsequently a full circle of breakthroughs in their own ministries.

In the late 70s, Dr. Allan returned home after speaking at a youth camp feeling devastated. He was expecting God to move, but nothing happened. “There must be more than this,” he thought. So he began fasting for breakthroughs in young people’s lives.

At the same time in another Melbournian suburb, Dr. Mike had just finished his police training. His then-girlfriend was growing in her faith, but Dr. Mike only knew of God through religious rituals. As her passion for Jesus caught his interest, he started reading the Bible. During his reading one night, he felt God’s conviction. Dr. Mike shared his experience with his then-girlfriend, unaware that she and her friend had been secretly praying for his salvation. She advised him to speak to her youth pastor, Dr. Allan.

On the seventh day of Dr. Allan’s fast, Dr. Mike visited his office, heard the Gospel and accepted Christ. But immediately, he fell off the chair and rolled around the floor demonized. Having dealt with similar situations, Dr. Allan offered him these options, “I can cast the demon out right now. But if you really want to be free, come back tomorrow and get baptized.”

The next day, Dr. Allan led a group into their baptism, including Dr. Mike. As he rose from the water, the demon resurfaced. Despite the manifestation, Dr. Allan laid hands on him, commanded it to leave, and the Holy Spirit filled him. As Dr. Mike sat by the pool, Dr. Allan heard him say, “Jesus, I’ll follow you for the rest of my life.” And true enough, they’ve both served in ministry since.

This is a testament to the powerful move of God during and after seasons of prayer and fasting. Prior to this story, Dr. Allan had fasted to see a revival in his home youth gathering. About a hundred high school students gathered every Friday night. Among them was Dr. Mike’s girlfriend.

Some people fast for the power of the Holy Spirit; others need healing and breakthrough. Whatever your needs are, God’s victory in our battles are often outcomes of a faith-filled season of prayer and fasting.

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