Day 13 of 21 • This day’s reading

Psalm 30:8-9
Psalm 55:17
Ephesians 6:17-18
1 John 1:9

Day 13: Prayers and Supplications

Scripture often refers to the term “supplications”, but we don’t hear this used in our everyday language. Despite being an old-fashioned word, perhaps the prayer of supplication is what some of us truly need in this season.

Prayers of supplication are deep, earnest cries to God for help and favor, filled with passion and desperation. It’s the attitude that everything hinges on the answer to this prayer. Just like one of the key characteristics of prayer and fasting is humility, supplication requires humility to acknowledge that our requests are unachievable without God. This expression of vulnerability can be contradictory to societal norms, where we’re expected to stay strong and independent. Yet, the intensity of supplication during fasting shows God that we’re serious about our requests by making sacrifices.

The Bible displays supplication in David’s cry for mercy from his enemies, and the desperate healing and mourning of his son. Even the armor of God is worn with prayers of supplication in the Spirit. When we’re so broken and we don’t know what to pray, speaking in tongues allows the Spirit to cry out for us. He discerns our needs and pieces back our brokenness to rebuild strength and faith.

Supplication includes the surfacing of emotions without manipulation. God made us emotionally responsive, and perhaps the emotions intertwined into the prayers are appropriate for the situation. When we’re petitioning for something deeply meaningful to us, supplication may be expressed though raised voices, tears of pain, quiet emptiness, groaning, mourning, or the need for healing.

Perhaps during this season, you’ve become very aware of a sin in your life. Rather than evading in shame, bring prayers of repentance and supplication. It’s helpful to understand the theology of God’s love, forgiveness, and righteousness. Because of the Father’s heart and Jesus, we’re forgiven and washed clean from shame. His righteousness is constantly renewed on us when we ask for forgiveness.

Supplication then moves the Father’s heart to mend your heart and empower your spirit to overcome strongholds. It’s coming into His presence knowing that regardless of your emotions, desperation, and requests, you’ll be embraced with safety, mercy, and love.

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