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Day 19: Fasting After a Major Defeat

Perhaps alongside this fast you’ve been journeying through a painful season and growing closer to Jesus has been particularly hard. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, financial difficulties, or broken relationships, a tragedy can make us feel bewildered and disoriented. You’re not relating to the hype of breakthroughs others are experiencing. Even your body may have naturally lost its appetite to eat. While major defeat is a challenging topic, fasting unlocks a spiritual dimension that can usher in healing, restoration, and life.

The difficult tension that we experience as Christians is that bad things still happen to us. Life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. We see numerous times in the Bible where God’s people cried out in the defeat of battle, demoralized and filled with grief. They wondered where He was through it all. Perhaps you’re wondering the same. Intimacy with Jesus may scare you, having to let down your brick walls to a God who you feel has disappointed you. But God only asks us to come as we are. Whether we’re broken or dancing. Whether we’re ready to trust Him again boldly or can only start by removing one brick from that wall around our heart at a time.

While it must be Spirit-led, fasting can be healing after a major defeat. When we run away from God, the root attitude is that we think it’s His fault. Instead, fasting helps us heal in a healthier way without putting up the walls against God. It’s a spiritual maturity that says, “Yes, You allowed this to happen, but You didn’t cause it. You’re exceedingly good, even when these things aren’t. And You’re right here with me through this.”

If you relate to this, know that God can make everything new. He can bring healing to things you’ve thought will stay broken forever. Even if you can’t seem to run to the feet of Jesus, the Father pursues us. His love is stronger than our feelings. Restoration is a process. But if you let His kindness and mercies deconstruct the walls of your heart, His healing light will shine through.

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