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Day 20: Fasting for That Much Needed Breakthrough

From the beginning of this fasting season, our goal has been to increase our intimacy with Jesus. Yet, some of us can’t shake off the real-life problems that critically require a divine breakthrough. Breakthrough can happen in different spheres, such as spiritual, physical, relational, financial, psychological, and emotional. Whichever relates to you, there are intentional steps that you can take to continue believing for breakthrough while pursuing God for Who He is and not what He can do.

Continue in your season of prayer and fasting prayerfully. Before you pursue God for breakthrough, ask God if that’s what He intended for your life. While our request may be based upon good intentions, we need it to align to His will. Fasting is as much about understanding what God is wanting to do in us as anything else.

We’re expecting Him to move, but we must also partner with Him in this. Some people may need a breakthrough from addiction; then their role is to first repent from their sins. But for many of us, we may need a renewing of the mind. It’s the removal of our own perspectives, desires, and priorities, and replacing them with Godly things—His Word, prayer, and worship.

Some of the most significant breakthroughs are a transformation, not about a change of situation. Many of us want the jaw-dropping, exceptional miracle. But the most important part of breakthrough is often internal. For long-term freedom, something needs to happen within us. So when the circumstance repeats itself, we’re internally positioned to usher in victory. Also recognize that when we’re renewing our minds with Godly things, that in itself is a breakthrough.

When we’re struggling to understand how God answers prayer, know that God’s answers are wiser than our prayers. Be confident that it’s God’s nature to do exceedingly and abundantly above. If you’re struggling with unbelief, bring that honestly to Him, and then position yourself as a child whose Father has the best for them. Living a life of faith is like a treasure hunt. When we think we’ve reached the destined breakthrough, it’s only a point in the map. God has so much more than you can imagine.

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