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Day 21: Concluding the 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Congratulations on making it to your last day! Surrendering yourself to Christ takes courage. You can’t have spent intensive time with Jesus and remain the same. Your soul and mind is decluttered, you’re probably sharper in spirit and more attentive to His voice. As you’ve set aside your normal lifestyle to prioritize God, believe that He sees your private discipline and will publicly reward you.

It’s important that we stay spiritually detoxed. Don’t lose the territory you’ve gained; this means to intentionally avoid the things you’ve released and keep your wounds healed. If there are still issues that the Holy Spirit has raised, know that you can trust His loving process. If you need help with this journey, reach out to your pastors or leaders or perhaps chat about it in life group. There is power in corporate prayer and fasting. God didn’t intend the Kingdom lifestyle to be lived in isolation. The church is here to speak life, keep you accountable, and help you become more like Jesus. Don’t regress back into lifestyles and habits that are spiritually unhealthy for you. You’ve come so far; see it to completion.

We now have a responsibility to steward what God has spoken into our lives. If God has called you into something new, start by acknowledging and journaling it. It’s understandable to feel apprehensive and scared. But as you’ve deliberately pursued God’s heart, continue to pursue Him further. This doesn’t mean changing your life drastically tomorrow. Instead, seek wise, trustworthy counsel; it’s quite likely that someone has journeyed through this before. But more importantly, continue journeying with the Holy Spirit, asking Him for wisdom, clarity, and guidance.

That said, perhaps prayer and fasting felt unfruitful; maybe you haven’t seen your breakthrough. But be encouraged that your story isn’t over yet. You’ve labored, prayed, and fasted in faith. What God wants to reveal may simply be in process. Still, take these habits, lessons, and experiences to enrich other areas of your life. Continue to seek God as He knows what’s best for you.

Most importantly, our ultimate goal is to become like Jesus. Prayer and fasting are practical acts of partnering with the Holy Spirit to see more of Him in our lives. As we genuinely build intimacy with God and seek His righteousness, we’re playing our role in bringing God’s Kingdom down to earth.

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