DAY 1: Your Purpose on Earth

The theme for week one is Your First Love. What does this mean exactly? One central issue as it relates to those who have lost their first love is a shift in focus, attention, and intense love for Jesus.

Read Matthew chapter 22 and focus on verse 37.


We talked about the word consecration. Take a moment and think about what this word means to you. How does it relate to this 21-day commitment?

I want to challenge you right now to commit to moments of quiet prayer and intense focus on the Lord during this fast. Decide now where your place of prayer will be during this fast.

Take a moment and think about about your relationship with Jesus over the last year. What factors last year played a role in your relationship with Jesus being where it is today?

Are you willing to create space in each day over the next 21 days for time alone with your Savior? Are you willing to make these moments of consecration a priority? If yes, what is your plan?

Take time to reflect on why you are fasting. What issues and questions are you wrestling with as you begin this fast?


Develop a deep and intimate relationship with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in this season of consecration. Discover the specific assignment He has for you, starting with first things first, a focus on Him and all He has done in your life.


Start yourself on the right foot by drinking lots of water. You will find that water, and lots of it, will help you physically these first few days especially. And know that you are not alone!

For Further Study: Psalm 42:1-3; Ecclesiastes 4:12; Luke 5:34


Less of Me/More of Him, A 21-Day Fasting Study by Jentezen Franklin