DAY 6: Be Great Before It Is Too Late

Helen Keller was once asked, “Do you think there is anything more tragic than to be born blind?” And her answer was, “Yes. To be born with sight, but no vision.” There are many people who have lost their vision. There are many people who don’t know where they’re going. Do you know where you are going?

If you’re not careful, you will be satisfied with a touch from God that gives you vision, but not clarity about what you’re supposed to do. You will find yourself asking, “Why am I here? What is God’s plan for my life, and for my family? What is God’s purpose for my life?”

There is something called “The Second Touch,” and the key is that you become so hungry that you say, “Lord, I appreciate the first touch. I appreciate when you saved me and I appreciate when You gave me light that I’ve never seen before. But now I’m serving You, and I need You to touch me a second time and clarify my vision.”

Read the entire story in Mark chapter 8 and focus on verses 22-26. Highlight parts that are most meaningful for you.


Think about how you would describe the concept of “a second touch” in your own words.

What does the phrase “being in the Lord’s presence” mean to you personally?


Many times we go through “divine misery” before we experience “divine change.” Disappointments come when people reject you or tell you “no.” Don’t fold up and cave in saying, “Well, the whole world is against me.” Know that you’re in a place where God’s about to take your “divine misery” and give you a “divine change.”


At this time in the fast, it is critical to drink plenty of liquids. Your body is purging impurities and you are beginning to burn fat at a rate your body isn’t used to. Drinking lots of water helps your body eliminate these impurities. As you go through this process, you will begin to feel the difference in your body as it begins to thrive.

For Further Study: Proverbs 29:18; John 2:6-10; Matthew 2:1-5; Genesis 2:18 and 32:24-34


Less of Me/More of Him, A 21-Day Fasting Study by Jentezen Franklin