DAY 10: Set Under Authority

Today we’re taking a deeper look at returning to our first love, and discussing something many people struggle with: authority. Independence, stubbornness, and wanting to be your own boss.

A lot of people don’t receive God’s best because they have authority issues. We know that the original sin had to do with authority. Lucifer was in heaven, and he, along with one-third of the angels, rebelled against God and tried to overthrow Him. Satan was number two in heaven! But he wanted to be number one, and he was not willing to stay under the authority of God.

If you will remain under what God has put over you, then God will put under you the many things that you’re supposed to have authority over. I want you to understand the word authority comes from the word author, and God is the author of authority.

Read all of Luke chapter 7. Take note of anything that speaks to you personally.


Rate your level of ‘authority issues’ with 1 being zero issues submitting to authority, and 10 meaning authority issues are the very thing keeping you from the Lord.

What would it take to move you closer to a 1?


One of the great blessings of being under authority is simply this: You have protection. You are protected as long as you are under the covering and authority of God’s Word. Protected! But when you say, “I want to do what I want to do,” then you have no covering. That’s when the enemy will come in to kill, steal, and destroy. You are no longer in the zone of blessing.


Take time to pray today about choices you may have made that are keeping you from experiencing God’s presence and power in your life. Ask the Lord to show you steps you can take to reconcile those choices.

For Further Study: Acts 3:1-8; Romans 13:1-2; Ephesians 4:11-12; Ephesians 5


Less of Me/More of Him, A 21-Day Fasting Study by Jentezen Franklin