DAY 11: Serve the Lord Without Distraction

Welcome to Day 11, the official halfway point of this 21-day fast. Over the last few days we have taken long hard looks at the parts of us that keep us from returning fully to Jesus. We can declare our desire to yield fully to Him, but we must remove barriers. These walls of pride and independence must be replaced with the only thing that can make these walls fall—surrender.

Joel 2 says to rend your heart and not your garments. The rending of the clothes in scripture was an expression of extraordinary uncontrollable emotion, chiefly of grief, terror, or horror. It is not mentioned as a part of ordinary mourning throughout scripture. It was reserved for a time of deep emotional turmoil. Joel does not forbid such extreme outward behavior of repentance, as long as it is accompanied with the inward affections. Because it is what takes place on the inside, the rending of the heart, that leads to true repentance and emptying yourself of sin and love for sin. In other words, your experience with God should “cut to the heart.” It should lead to a deep desire to give up everything else and follow after God with your whole heart!

Read all of Joel chapter 2, Psalm chapter 47 and Colossians chapter 3.


What’s your understanding of the phrase “rend your heart” found in Joel 2?

If Satan were to try to keep a separation between you and Jesus, where would he focus?

Knowing this is where you think you are most vulnerable, what will you do to protect yourself from this attack or deception?


There are two parts of you vying for your attention and devotion. The one you feed most will grow stronger and stronger, while the other grows weaker. Which one will you feed?


As you finish the first half of the fast, pause and give thanks to Jesus for sustaining you this far. Then take a moment and recommit to finishing the race. Feed your spirit!

For Further Study: Matthew 3; Matthew 23; 1 Timothy 6; 1 John 4:4


Less of Me/More of Him, A 21-Day Fasting Study by Jentezen Franklin