DAY 15: He’s Been Faithful

Welcome to week three! This is when you will start to sense that the end is closer than ever. By now, if you have faithfully committed to each day of this study, you have dealt with so many powerful principles and have spent time with the Lord eliminating many of the roadblocks the enemy throws up to keep you from returning to God in meaningful ways.

This week we begin to look at returning to your purpose and calling. You have a purpose for being here! Who are you, and why are you here?

The key to knowing who you are is knowing who God is. The people God uses are the people who are dependent on Him. The less of God you know, the more confused you become.

God has appointed you to be a life-changing person! He’s going to put you in circumstances unique to you. He’ll put you places He will not put your peers. As you take inventory of the many things you have experienced in your life, for good and bad, if you are open to the Lord, He will reveal clues to what He wants you to do in your future.

Read Joshua 5 and Hebrews 2. Mark parts that are most meaningful for you.


Take a moment and recall the most significant things you have experienced in your life.

Take a moment to lay your list before the Lord and allow Him to show you His plan.


We are a collection of our past experiences. If you are at a crossroads, looking for that next season of life, the answer may be found somewhere in the list of experiences you just created.


Your life experiences matter. Pray about remaining open to returning to those experiences with hands wide open.

For Further Study: Jeremiah chapter 1; Exodus 19:2-5; Hebrews chapter 4


Less of Me/More of Him, A 21-Day Fasting Study by Jentezen Franklin