DAY 21: The Rewards of Faithfulness

Twenty-one days ago we embarked on a journey together with one goal in mind: “Return to Me.”

We have talked about the concept of returning to Him and rending your heart, your very soul; bearing it all and laying at the foot of the cross. In week two, we talked about the many obstacles and roadblocks the enemy will use to try to keep you from Jesus through distraction and deception. And in week three, we talked about returning to your purpose and finding your identity in Jesus—another kind of returning to Him.

Today you celebrate the journey. Today you come before the Lord, probably a little thinner than we were when we started, but grateful for what we have encountered.

Take a moment right where you are to give adoration, worship, and thanksgiving to the Lord.

Read all of Matthew chapter 6 and Isaiah 61. Take your time and allow God to speak to you through His Word. Be sure to highlight or make note of any specific verse that speaks to where you are today.


Take a moment to reflect on your experience throughout this fast. Do you feel closer to the Lord than you did on day 1?


Take a moment to think back over all the scripture you’ve read the last three weeks. Is there a specific passage that has stuck with you? Let this be your “altar” scripture, so to speak, that you can go back to over and over to remember all you experienced during this season with the Lord.


Be careful as you begin to put solid foods back into your diet. Don’t eat too much, too fast, or you could find yourself not feeling well. This was never a physical challenge, but rather a spiritual journey. Carry what you have learned and let this be the beginning of “all things new.”

For Further Study: Matthew chapter 6; Jeremiah chapter 29; James chapter 1-3


Less of Me/More of Him, A 21-Day Fasting Study by Jentezen Franklin