Christ is the root word of the biggest holiday on our calendar. What if this Christmas, our lives were rooted in Christ?

You’ve likely heard many times that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.” While it may sound like a silly catchphrase, it’s crucial that we take it seriously. While all our Christmas traditions are beautiful and meaningful, we need to get our priorities back in place. Christmas, first and foremost, is about Christ! It’s a time when we must reflect on the birth of Jesus, what it means for our faith, and how we are to live in this life as children of God.

We must ask ourselves where we’re going to place our focus this Christmas season. Instead of getting wrapped up in all the stress, busyness, and worldly aspects of this season, we must turn our eyes towards Jesus. That means going against the grain, slowing down, and striving more than ever to emulate Him in everything we do.

Would you consider taking this Christmas season as an opportunity to “reset” your faith? Take the time to recommit yourself to Christ and find new ways to serve Him throughout every aspect of your life. Jesus wants to be an intimate part of your every day, and what better time to strive towards that beautiful relationship with Him than the season where we celebrate His birth?

As a society, we’ve certainly celebrated Christmas, but have diluted its meaning. Christmas is about so much more than getting together with family, exchanging gifts, having a particular meal, Christmas lights, shopping malls, as wonderful as those things can be. Christmas is about the most important event in human history: Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, coming to live among us.

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