You’ve heard it said that “patience is a virtue.” We all have! But even though it’s an overused phrase, it’s still incredibly relevant and true.

Ecclesiastes 7:9 says, “Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools”.

In today’s world, patience is rare. That’s because we live in a society where we can get what we want when we want it. Drive through food where we never leave our vehicle. It’s called “fast food”. 24 hour shopping. Social media. We are accustomed to being spoiled by the conveniences and immediacy of modern culture. Did you know there is a name for items located in a checkout line, it’s known as “impulse buying”.

Even though this is what we are used to and how we are conditioned to live, it’s not always the godly way. God has called us to live a different kind of life.

God has called us to live lives of patience. That means not being easily offended as many are today. Just one look at social media will show you how quickly people are offended these days, especially if you are looking at almost anything during election season!

How has God called us to live? As ones who are not quickly provoked. He desires that we respond to one another with love, grace, and kindness. In doing so, we reflect the love of Christ to others and are true witnesses to the Gospel.

Ecclesiastes 7:9 reminds us that being prone to anger is foolishness. Why? Because it does nothing but tear down and destroy relationships. Patience and love, on the other hand, does the exact opposite, it builds up and restores. They are the foundation on which healthy and thriving relationships are built.

If you are quick to be offended, seek the Lord’s help through prayer. He will surely respond by helping to build patience and love within you. Couple your prayer with daily reading of the scripture. These spiritual disciplines will go a long way in reshaping and renewing your perspective and lead you to a more Godly life.

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