President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” The question for all of us is, what do we hang on to?

As human beings, we are limited in our strength and energy. Life is full of responsibilities and strains on our body, mind, and spirit. The simple truth is there’s only so much we can do in our own power. The weight of life gets to us at one point or another. It’s just a fact of life in this fallen world.

Psalm 61:1-4 says, “Hear my cry, O God; listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe. I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.

There’s no shame when you feel anxious, defeated, fearful, or even helpless. We even see Jesus face anxiety. Before He was handed over to be crucified, He is praying in the Garden of Gethsemane with His disciples. The scripture tells us that He is extremely anxious and seeking comfort from God through prayer. (Matthew 26:36-42)

So, if Jesus was struggling with the weight upon His shoulders, it’s normal that we would be challenged in life as well. It’s not about avoiding these feelings or struggles altogether but rather how we process and move on from them.

The first thing Jesus does in His grief and anxiety is pray. He goes to the Father and casts His cares and concerns in His mighty hands. This is precisely what we should do in our times of need. God is stronger than anything we face, and He can help us bear the weight of anything.

When Jesus turns to the Father in this way, He is strengthened in body, mind, and spirit. When we find ourselves at the end of our rope, God gives us the same strength when we come to Him. God will restore and renew us in every way as only He can.

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